Folk Dance Ensemble of Tartu University

Folk Dance Ensemble of Tartu University was established in 1945 and is the oldest folk dance ensemble in Estonia. Our most important artistic directors have been well-known Estonian folk-dance leaders Mrs Helju Mikkel (1953-1978) and Mr Henn Tiivel (1978-2003). Our present artistic director is since 2005 Ms Aveli Asber.

We have about 140 dancers in 6 different folk dance groups: senior students mixed group, junior students mixed group, female group, alumni group, teenagers’ mixed group (15-18 years of age) and younger children’s group (8-11 years of age).

We take part in all major local and national folk dance events in Estonia and Tartu. We have often concerts and smaller performances in Tartu and other places in Estonia. Baltic students’ song and dance festivals Gaudeamus which take place in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are very important for us. We are very happy to participate in international folk dance festivals abroad, recently we have been to Romania (Cluj-Napoca 2018), Moldova (Chisinau 2016), Serbia (Sremska Mitrovica 2012), Czech Republic (Ostrava 2011), Germany (Bitburg 2008), Croatia (Zagreb 2006), Norway (Lyngstad 2005).

Folk Dance Ensemble of Tartu University is a proud member of CIOFF Estonia (Folkloorinõukogu).


Folk Dance Ensemble of Tartu University

Artistic director: Ms Aveli Asber aveliasber@gmail.com

International relations: managing director Mr Lauri Leht, laurileht.post@gmail.com, phone +3725035789

Post address: Kalevi 24, Tartu 51010, Estonia